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Bad Service at K-Mart

Thought I'd share this old gem I just remembered. I still hate this woman.

A bit of needed background: I'm disabled, not physically but mentally. So you wouldn't just KNOW I'm disabled, I understand this. I walk, talk, function like everyone else. I just don't function 'normally' enough to hold a job. It's as if there's a switch not flicked in my brain is the best to explain it.

Anyway, that said, onto

So mum and I were shopping in K-Mart and decided to put some items on layaway. We were standing there, Brenda the Layaway lady doing her thing and checking things in. I started whining to mum about...something. I think I was trying to weedle her into adding something I wanted onto the layaway (I'm spoiled, I was whining, I fully admit that, but I was whining to my MOTHER, not nosey, and not in a loud 'OMGBUYMETHISNOW' fashion). Brenda was watching us, which isn't unusual butr the following conversation was:

Brenda: Layaway clerk
Me: Whiney brat

Brenda: Why don't you jus buy it yourself.
Me: *blinks* Uh, because I don't have the money...
Brenda: Well you're a big girl now, go out and get a job.

Ex-squeeze me?

First off lady, I'm twenty-five, don't call me a 'big girl'. Secondly, I would if I could, trust me. I don't like attempting to make ends meet on 500$ a month.

I DID speak to her manager, explaining what she said, why I took offense and that, but only because I don't think ANYONE should tell ANYONE to 'get a job' unless you know them well. I mean, I could have had a job and just not have money, I could have just been fired, she didn't know my situation.

All in all not the most horrible service I'e had in my life (I could tell you the dentist story but it makes me want to cry), but pretty bad in the fact I felt insulted and pretty bad afterwards. I'm a bit ashamed of the fact I can't be 'normal'.
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