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voting yesterday was fun

Is it any WONDER I have no faith in government?!

So I wander up to Talisman Centre and head in the appropriate door and through to the lounge where the elections are being held. Get steered to my station# and present my card.

B: Bint working the polling station
Me: self-explanatory
W: woman working the registration desk, who fortunately knew what she was doing

Me: ~wanders up to booth, gives card, provides ID
B: uh, you've already voted. You're crossed off the list.
Me: No I haven't, I just got here. ~now having paranoid visions of identity theft/impersonation/etc.~
B and Me: ~more back-and-forth about how no, I have NOT voted yet, and there's no good reason for my name to be off the list~
B: Well, I'll have to talk to my supervisor then. ~wanders off to talk to supervisor, years pass, I grow a full head of gray hair, person returns to polling station~ You'll have to reregister. Just go over to the registration desk and they'll take care of it.
Me: ~inwardly~ WTH?! I have a voter card with my full name and current address on it that says "If you have this card, you're registered to vote!!! Whatevs. ~wanders over to reregistration desk, waits in line AGAIN, sits down in front of registrar, plops down card and ID~
W: Okay, here we go, your voting station is right back there, you're all set.
Me: They told me I had to reregister. Not really sure why.
W: O_o ... ooooooooooh...kaaaaaay. ~fills out new registration form, hands it to me to sign, and then sends me back to my voting station, where I do my civic duty and exit the premise AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.~

So there you have it. Instead of being in and out in 5, I was in and out in, like, 25. Bravo Elections Canada, you get a mu'fuggin' cookie. And Canada gets a frightening minority government. Stupid sheep voters. ;(
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