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Bad Dentist

My 10 year old just lost a baby tooth last night, perfectly normal. Glad to get rid of it because it had a huge filling. He had 4 fillings in all 4 molars when he was 4 years old. Dentist said it was because he didn't floss.
And I do realize that at age 4 and before, he wasn't capable of flossing and it's actually MY fault. However, it does seem a little unusual that a 4 year old has that many cavites from not flossing when we barely eat sugar. I blame his father's soft teeth. That man has had root canals, caps, everything. And here I am, never had a cavity.
Since then, all his visits have been normal, no cavities. We just had a visit, with xrays last month. No cavities.
On both teeth that were touching the tooth that just came out are cavities. CAVITIES! Stupid dentist! I'm hunting the phone book for a NEW dentist because this is bullsh*t! If there was a way to have the insurance stop payment or make this jerk pay them back, I'd do it.
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