sugar_spun (sugar_spun) wrote in bad_service,

Be Nice!

Yesterday my housemates, two spare people and myself went out on a day trip. We made it to a pretty down north of us, wandered around their castle, met their peacock and walked through their gardens.

And then we went to dinner in a local pub/restaurant.

My housemate is Greek. She's fluent in English, but has a strong accent. We ordered and ate without mishap, but despite our asking for separate bills (checks) when we ordered, our waitress brought us one and refused to split it there, instead sending us to the bar to deal with it. When we got there our pet Greek attempted to tell the barman that she wanted to pay for the "pub club sandwich". This is the only sandwich on the bill, and indeed on the menu. So not something that can be easily confused for, oh, mozzarella sticks or a bacon cheeseburger.

The barman snapped, WHAT? WHAT?? at her and made her repeat her request three times, and then audibly huffed, rolled his eyes and asked the man beside her (an obvious stranger to her), What's she saying? I can't understand her. He continued to talk about her crap English as he took the remaining payments.

He then took my 8 euro food bill, and my e20 note, and asked me if I wanted change. Um, yes. I'm not tipping your rude ass 150%.

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