A Small Friendlykilt (diomedian) wrote in bad_service,
A Small Friendlykilt

Hey all!

I'm having a serious problem with iRiver at the moment, and am looking for some advice.

I bought a H10 5gb in August for my partner. In November, it stopped working. When it was turned on, the startup screen came on but didn't go away. We tried removing the batteries and looking for a reset button (obviously there wasn't one), but these didn't work. So, I contacted iRiver through email, and got a brief email asking me to contact the shop where I bought it. After sending it to them, they called letting us know that their technicians couldn't find anything wrong with it, so they were sending it to the distributing company in New Zealand (CR Kennedy).

After waiting a month or so, we called up Friday to see what was happening. A very, very grumpy technician informed us that there was a dent in the back of the player, which voids our warranty. He said that was it, there was nothing further to discuss from then on, refused to answer any questions, and berated us for being so careless with it. He then told us "I'm going now, I have more important calls coming in" and hung up. When we called the shop we bought it from (after around 5 minutes), we were told that they had "just gotten off the phone with the technician from CR Kennedy, and he said not to bother explaining further, he'd already done it."

The problem is, we kept it in the silicon case the entire time, my partner was incredibly careful with it, and when we examined it (looking for the recharge button), there was no dent. Furthermore, the shop where we had bought also had not found evidence of a dent (they had told us it was probably a software problem). Yet now we're being told that this is the problem, and it's all our fault. Also, CR Kennedy won't do anything for it.

This leaves me $500 out of pocket - which I can't afford anyway - with no iRiver and, because of this guy, nobody answers my questions. Is there absolutely anything I can do about this?

(x-po"sted to iriver)

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