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Funny thing with banks huh? The bad service that's been going around.

Anyway, I'm changing banks due to constant rudeness I recieve from the bank tellers everytime I go in. As of now, I bank with Bank of Montrel. This passed Thrusday, I went in with two cheques and about.. 600 dollars in rolled coins. I work at Tim Hortons and thats about a month of tips I recieved. I understand I must be a pain in the ass customer to serve, with the rolled coins and cheques to deposited. Last time I went there, the usually friendly bank teller got very snappy with me about my coin rollers not being bundled into groups of ten. She told me next time I have to have it bundled and have a rubber band wrapped around it. Like 10 dime rollers being bundled together by a elastic band. So this time mine were all bundled into 10, like I was told to do.
 Thursday I must say was the final straw, everytime I've went in to get my banking done, I just reasoned that I am a pain in the ass customer, because it's usually coinage and cheques. I am very polite, and I say please and thank you. I do very appericate getting my rolled money changed into bills.

So here goes, I went into with my bundled coins and 2 cheques. My mom helped me carried the money in, because the bags were very heavy. It's a Thursday at about 4pm, and there's only one teller on. I find that unusual, because it was a payday and Thursday was the only day its hours are extended to 8:00p.m. So I waited for 5 minutes, and I don't see that as the bad service part. I understand that many other things go on in a bank. The teller I dealt with went to one of the booths and said she'd helped me.

I smiled and walked over and asked how she was. All she did was ask what she could do for me. I told her I wanted to despoit my cheques and coin. I passed her the cheques and started to unload the bundles. The teller than asked me what account this was to go in, and I replied " My Personal ". I have an account so that I couldn't touch it with a debit card, which meant easier not to spend it.
The bank teller snapped.

" What good does that do to me, do you want it in the savings or credit!??""

I turned very red, I was embrassed and than she slide my bank card through her machine and said in this very fake laugh type voice.

" Oh you have an account named personal"

I was so embrassed, and looked to my mom. I'd also like to mention, I don't have a credit account. My only two accounts are Savings and Personal, but that doesn't matter.My mom didn't look very pleased but didn't say anything. I didn't either, looking back I wish I did. The teller throughout the whole transcation was very rude and snappy after that.

Now I want to switch banks, but I am also going to write a letter to the Presisdent of Bank of Montrel, and to the Branch Manager.

Now how would I write the letter? I've never had to, and I'm clueless as to what I should do.

Should I see the Branch Manager in person?

Thanks for the patience.
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