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Stop lying to me about where you live, dammit!

Every Friday night, my roommate and I order pizza and watch a movie together, and tonight was no exception. I called the pizza place, made my order, and told the guy where we live. Simple, right?


Me = Well, me
ID = Idiot deliveryman

ID: Hi, this is B----'s Pizza, can I take your order?
Me: Hi, I'd like to order a large cheese pizza to be delivered to [my address].
ID: What's your apartment number?
Me: It's the rear apartment.
ID: Yeah, but what's the apartment number?
Me: It doesn't have a number. There are only two apartments in the building, and mine is the rear apartment.
ID: But what number is it?
Me: There. Isn't. One. It's just the rear apartment, because there's only one other apartment in the building.
ID: Lady, I can't deliver your pizza if you won't tell me the number of the apartment.
Me: *sigh*

Finally, I just gave him my phone number so that he could call me when the pizza came. But seriously, WTF? Why the hell would I lie about not having an apartment number?
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