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Game Crazy - idiot manager

Right after Christmas the stores put out the "After XMas" sale fliers with a many wonderful sales. Game Crazy was no exception in having some pretty good deals on NEW games.

There were two games on sale in the flier that I wanted to get for my daughters' PS2. One was Final Fantasy X-2 and the other was Unreal Tournament 2 that I wanted to replay. They were on sale at Grame Crazy for $4.99 and $9.99 respectively. Not bad and since I was there I was going to buy a few other games for our XBox and PC.

I had never shopped at Game Crazy before since it's out of the way from where I live but for those prices I felt that it was worth the drive. It was the first and LAST time I would ever waste my time there. I picked up the two games and saw that the other games were on sale as well but not for the price advertised in the flier. Example, in the flier True Crimes: New York City was listed at $29.99 while they had it on sale for $34.99. I asked the manager about it and this is what he told me.

Me: Excuse me? Are these the games advertised in the current flier? ::hands him games::
Him: ::checks prices:: No, I'm sorry these aren't on sale.
Me: But the flier said that they were on sale for $4.99 and $9.99. TC:NYC was also listed on sale for $29.99.
Him: ::checks TC:NYC:: Nope, that's not on sale either.
Me: Oh? When does the new prices in the flier take effect then?
Him: No idea since I haven't even seen the new flier.
Me: It came out in yesterday's paper. ::Which was Sunday::
Him: Even if the sign in front of the item said it was a lower price and it rang up higher on the register, we'd have to sell it at the higherprice.
Me: ::jaw drops on the outright lie since that's against the law:: That's fine. What you're basically saying is against the law and I'm not stupid to spend my money in a place that's deceptive. ::dumps the other video games on the counter and leaves::

I went to Best Buy and went to their customer service to ask about their matching ad policy. I know that they have one BUT I wasn't sure if they would accept Game Crazy's ad since the prices were VERY low. The manager (who was helping out in CS) said that yes they'll match their prices. So I was able to buy those two games plus I spent another $200 on video games while I was there. What nice to know is that Best Buy will match Game Crazy's prices (if it's on a NEW item) and since Best Buy is near my house (unlike Game Crazy) I'll be doing more shopping there. I typically avoid Best Buy because it's typically crowded.
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