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You're trying to sell cars, right?

I'm looking around for a Cabrio now and there are several sites that don't list prices. Apparently even reputable dealerships are leaving them blank. They are leaving an option though consisting of 3 things: "For a quote/more information *insert first name* *insert last name* *insert email address*

My only phone here is cellular and the service for this side of Anaheim is extremely sketchy, not to mention that my LG 6100's power management leaves me several days a month with a dead phone. If alternative communication is there, I will take it.

There is a huge difference in the price range of this vehicle, and to me a potential $3000 is alot of money.

This is the reply I had this morning:

Hi lalagimp,

My name is Jason (deleted) and I am the Fleet Manager at (deleted) Audi, Porsche, and VW. I am responding to your 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio request. If you are serious about this car, please call me directly to my cell. I am getting lots of emails on this car and most emails are not serious customers. I spend lots of time answering emails and I feel that I am not spending time with the serious customer. Please give me a call and help me dedicate my efforts to the people that really need assistance. My cell is (deleted).



My response:

How can I be serious about a car when I don't even know what is the purchase price?
I was simply asking for was a quote. I do not have, in my opinion, reliable cellular service at this residence, and that is my only other option besides email or going to the dealership personally.
You have communicated to me via internet that you've refused to state the price until I call, and without a price available, there is nothing more to consider.

Thank you for your time.

There is no way that I would give someone like that a commission that my business would bring. I utilized a simple tool for an asking price on their website and I get attitude? If he had the time to send a standard form, wouldn't it have taken so much less of his time to give me 5 digits than to write all that fluff?

The price btw is listed today on the site, and it is $3000 more than I'd like to spend.

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