kristin (layered) wrote in bad_service,

I've never had such a difference in service at the same place at the same time before - my friends and I went to lunch at Friendly's, because we were hungry and I desperately wanted iced cream. Our waitress was an absolute dream: polite, attentive, getting us refills and taking our orders and checking on us, all with a terrific attitude.

However, unfortunately, our food wasn't so good. Since we have startlingly-similar tastes, my friends and I all ordered the same thing, Steak and Shrimp. I like my steak rare (I want my food to fight back, as my friend jokes) and one friend ordered hers' medium-rare. The steaks came out, and after a few bites I was sure they were just wrong: the meat was bluish-purple and 'mushy', as I called it, very soft. Very undercooked, even for rare. (My other friend, whose steak was done medium-well, was fine with her meal. She said that mine looked coagulated. I lost my appetite for steak.) My friend who ordered medium-rare had the same problem with hers, it was blue-purple and very, very soft. I decided to eat some of my shrimp, while we waited for our waitress to come by to check on us - then I found a blonde hair in the shrimp. All my friends are brunettes, as was the waitress.

At this point, one of my friends got up to get a manager. The manager was the one who gave us bad service - she grunted one-word responses, didn't apologize, grabbed our plates and practically stomped back to the kitchen with them. We were polite, even apologetic to her - "We're sorry about this," and "We didn't mean to be a bother" were what we said, while she GLARED. It was the waitress who came back and asked us to fill out 'free meal' cards, apologized for the food, and told us that we wouldn't be charged for the steaks.

So we wound up glaring right back at the manager and tipping the waitress $15, which was a hundred percent of the bill (drinks, appetizer, and ice cream).

Personally, I don't know very much about cooking steak, but I like to eat it, and I've never seen or eaten steak like that. I felt pretty sick after, but I don't know whether it was just psychosomatic or not. Either way, the manager had absolutely no reason to act like that - we all agreed that our complaints were legitimate and that we were polite (even apologetic) while making them. This woman was just... it's hard to describe her, really. She glared at us like we were trash or trying to scam her (could be because we're college student-aged, could be not) and barely said a word. There was absolutely NO need for her to act like that.

Props to the waitress, though, she was cool.
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