Manda (pale_september) wrote in bad_service,

First entry.

Hey there, I'm Amanda. I have rarely gotten bad service in my life. But this is definitely one of those rare occassions....

My boyfriend and I are very nice and it can be difficult for us to really complain to a person because we feel like jerks. If you have made either of us mad to the point where we confront you about it, you've done something really stupid...

My boyfriend is a stocky and big guy (relevant to the story). I like him that way. :) He's also very silly and decided to run and jump on our bed one night. Well, I'm sure most of you can guess what happened. The box-spring broke. For about 2 and half months, we've been sleeping on a slouchy bed. We also co-sleep with our 7 month old most of the time. As time went on,  I was getting tired of waking up with him stuck to me because he kept rolling into me and getting too warm.

Anyway, my Dad comes down to visit and we go shopping for a box-spring. We find one reasonably priced, and plan on coming back the next day to purchase it.

Well, that day rolls around and we head back over to the store. We go to the same box-spring and ask a different guy to ring it up for us. The box-spring was originally 65 dollars, but for some reason the guy told us it was 152 dollars. Here's what happened....


Dad: Okay, this is the box-spring.

Seller: Okay, sure. This one is 152 even.

Dad: What? We were just here yesterday and it was 65 bucks.

Seller: Uh, well this is a (insert name brand here). So, you're really paying for the name. See, it's kind of like when you buy a Porsche.

Dad: What? Don't give me that shit. (good old Dad)

Seller: *Stands there staring at my Dad*

Dad: Then I'd like to talk to your manager, because this is unfair.

Seller: *calls manager on his cell phone with this pissy look on his face*

We ended up getting it for the original price, the guy was trying to rip us off apparently...

But that's not the end of it....

Last week we called them and told them that we'd come up next weekend and get the box-spring. Yesterday, these people started calling us telling us to come get it.

This morning the SAME seller called us and in a rude and demanding voice told us to come get the mattress NOW. Which really pissed off my boyfriend. He ended up complaining to his manager about it. The guy was calling us and demanding to come get it because he wanted his commission I suppose. What an ass.

So, that's it. The guy was basically trying to rip us off to make an extra buck.


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