mighty fuck of the lands (roadsidemessiah) wrote in bad_service,
mighty fuck of the lands

A remembered incident.

Awhile back, I went to Giant Eagle, a chain grocery store to rent a Naut-a-vac (carpet cleaning system). I got the system, and went home, it did a fantastic job on my carpets. Later that night, to avoid being charged for two consecutive days. I went and returned the system. The lady at the counter asked "Did you pay by credit card?" and I said Yes. She told me that the return deposit would be subtracted from my card tommorow morning. $25 is $25, right? Well, knowing that credit card return authorizations sometimes take longer than an actual purchase, I waited for 5-6 days before going back. I returned and explained the situation that I had rented this, and my return deposit was never given back. The lady at the counter was very sweet. Then she called the head cashier up. Now keep in mind, I wasn't exactly dressed like an adult, but nonetheless, I expect to be treated like one. I explained the situation to her. And she said to me (and I shit you not) "Well, how do I know you're not just some kid trying to play a thief?". She asked if I had a receipt for this supposed return authorization that was supposed to have been done. I didn't, because it was never done (in my presence, at least) and she freaked. She called me a liar and told me to go home. I walked out. Firm in mind that I'd never be shopping there again, no matter even if they made right. So, I went home and did some research. I called Giant Eagle's manager, who was very helpful and understood my frustration, I was out $25 and this bitch was trying to treat me like a thief. I knew the manager very well as I had gone to school with him. So he made the head cashier go through the transaction log for that day (Which I understand is a complete pain in the ass, but I've done it too). Looking for a 25.00 deposit charged to a card with the last 4 of mine. Well, she found it, and sure enough there was no other return authorization. So, in the end I got my $25.00 back. But not without the head cashiers criticisms again "I really shouldn't do this for you, but I'm going to, because I'm trying to be nice. Keep your receipt next time" (this is from a 40+ year old woman) I know the bitch still works there and I absolutely refuse, REFUSE to go back there. This grocery store is 2 minutes down the road, but I still go to the one that is fifteen minutes away, because I won't go to this one, be treated like a thief, and deal with some rude front end supervisor that thinks she's the shizit.
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