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My mom drove through KFC today after she got off work, to bring home dinner for everyone. We've always had problems with them, but she works right across the street from that location, and it happens to be the nearest to us, being a 10-minute drive.

Since she's had problems in the drive-thru many times, she decided to go IN, and order there. She asks the cashier at the counter a few questions.

Mom: So, what's the deal involving the boneless wings?
Cashier: Oh, it's 18 boneless wings, for $14.
Mom: *orders*

*total comes up over $30*

Mom: Wait, how much did that deal come up?
Cashier: Oh, $19.
Mom: I don't want that, I'll have just the *smaller order* of boneless wings instead ($2.99).
Cashier: *obliges*
Mom: *leaves happily*

She gets home 10 minutes later, and we're divvying up the food. Mom opens one of the bags to get the sides out. And sees that the gravy has spilled all on the inside of the bag. Just a mess. Nothing ruined, but just really messy.

So as if that wasn't unpleasant enough, I open the box of the boneless wings, and lo-and-behold, there are what seems to be scraps of chicken in there. They're no bigger than quarters. Seriously, it looked like they didn't have many in the pan or whatever, and just stretched it to make 12 pieces. Some actually looked like they had been torn in half, then coated in the sauce. And half of that order was supposed to be the entree for my dinner. Yeah, right.

Mom decides to call, to complain about the boneless wings. We grab the receipt to get the number, and it's not there. So we look up the number, and find all the numbers for all the locations in area...except the one she had gone to (DL). So, we call another location(WM) to ask for DL locations's number, and they tell us that it is UNLISTED. Seriously, why would a restaurant have an unlisted number?! My mom's so fed up by this time, she starts to kinda yell at the WM location's manager.(I glare at her and tell her not to yell at them, and she starts talking more calmly)

On with it. The guy that answered the phone was immediately snippy and rude to my Mom. Just off the bat, condescending and outright curt with her. She argued with him for about ten minutes before asking "are you the manager" and he assured her that he was. He kept arguing with her that "that's the size the boneless wings come," and was just overall rude. So she asked him again:

Mom: Sir, are you the SHIFT manager, or the STORE manager?
Guy: [to which the guy immediately was flustered] ....shift manager. *said meekly*
Mom: That's what I thought, actually. I know the manager there (she does) and I know he'd never talk to me like you have been. May I have your name?
Guy: [quietly] Brandon. (I made up the name, she never actually told me.)
Mom: ...and your last name? You know the first name is useless.
Guy: *gives*
Mom: Can you spell that?
Guy: *SIGH* YEAH IT'S I'M-AN-ASSHOLE (not really XD)

And finally they were off the phone. The guy had mentioned an 800-number to call with complaints, and my mom declined so she could just get off the phone with him. Then she decides she does want to call. So she calls the WM location again. And gets the same person. And (I'm so proud) she spent about 5 minutes apologizing to him for shouting at him in the earlier conversation. Then she got the number from him, and thanked him very much.

I think we'll be driving the extra 10-minutes to the WM location now.
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