careyliz (careyliz) wrote in bad_service,

certainly not good service.

So... I just bought a car. And needed insurance. My parents have used one company of agents for all their insurance needs for years, so I figured I'd try them. Next time i'll think twice.

The first time I called, the lady I asked for was at lunch, and no one else could be found. I understand that she was at lunch, but where was everyone else!? So I call back, and she starts to run the quote, and asks me to call back in 20 minutes. I had just started my job, so I was trying not to be on the phone all day... but I called her. I waited on hold for a while, and then some other lady picked up, and said she would help me.

She had the strangest definition of help.

I agreed to the quote, and she said I had to sign the application before they would fax any cards. I asked if there was any way around this, as I worked until after they were closed, and didn't see a way to get there. She said it was illegal for them to fax a card without a signature. So I politely mentioned that I had previously had insurance through X company, and I could have applied over the phone or computer with them. I didn't understand how they could do that if it was illegal. She said, well, that's cause they take payment over the phone. Oh, I said... I guess you don't. So, back to the issue of how am I going to sign the forms... without having to wait. I told her I'd call her back while I worked on the issue. I called my dad, who seemed baffled, because they always personally deliver his paperwork to the house. So, I called her back, and asked if there was any way it could be delivered, and then I'd drop it off before I went to work in the AM. At that point I'm pretty sure I was on hold, while she laughed at me, and then she came back to say OH no.. I don't do that. I mentioned that my father was also a client and has forms delivered all the time. She said oh... his agent is jimbobbill... he's old, and he does that. I don't. I again brought up the fact that there was no way I could get there before they close... any day. And once again I asked if there was any way someone could drop them off at my house. She said, well... I don't go over that way... *and in the very next breath...* Where do you live? I told her, and again she said she doesn't travel that way. She asked me to hold, then came back and said that no one wanted to because they were getting ready to go home.
Now, I completely understand if it wasn't possible, or wasn't policy, I would even be okay if it was too late, and time for everyone to go home. But the minute she said "I dont go over that way" and followed up with "Where do you live?" I knew that wasn't the case. She simply didn't want to.

and I consider that bad service.


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