Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

I recently went to my wachovia to sign up for a savings account, I already had a checking account but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get overdraft charges so I tucked $100 away where I wouldn't touch it. I also got my online account reset because it refused to let me sign in online and I like checking my account at least weekly. The lady there didn't know how to reset my account on the wachovia.com website, so she called tech support and they helped her. No bad service there, it just took a few minutes more and I understand someone not understanding something that they probably have to rarely do. In the process, my PIN was also reset, which I'm absolutely neutral towards.

The problem came a couple days later at Ihop when my card was declined. Apparently this ihop declines cards alot, so I thought nothing of it. Then it got declined again when I was having a fancy meal at red lobster. I carry three cards on me at all times, my debit card which I always use, a credit card in my name but under my fathers account that I pay him for, (we thought it would help my credit but that turned out not to be true, so I consider it useless except when I think my account is really low or I for some reason left my debit card at home) and the third card is for medical bills and groceries, things he'll pay for.

I checked my account at wachovia, I have a couple hundred in checking and a hundred still in savings and no mention of my card being suspended. I figured it didn't matter much since I have other non-cash ways of paying and no ill-side effects from this.

Until I got an email from amazon.com. The textbook I ordered a week ago was cancled and not shipped because my card was declined. I need that textbook by tomorrow very badly. At the bookstore, it would have cost $150 which I really wanted to avoid paying, and I found it online and new for exactly half that, plus shipping. Now I find out that because my card was mysteriously cancled, I don't have a biology book. I need that biology book, it's the only book I really do need for this semester and passing classes is near and dear to my heart. As it is, I ended up paying $5 more for a different copy of the new textbook on amazon and paid with a different card, and got expidated shipping for it, I just hope being bookless for a week doesn't screw me over too badly.

I'm currently on the wachovia website and searching for some place that can tell me about my card information. I checked the alerts section and all it did was confirm my email address. I have never been emailed an alert from them, even when my account went into the red a while back. Wouldn't you think that would be a good thing to be alerted about? If they bother having an alert section, they should definately use it to alert you of things like that. Still, I can't find anything that tells me about my card being on hold. I tried it at a wachovia atm too, I put in my card and entered my new pin and it spit it back out again saying it's invalid.

Personally, I see that as terrible service. If I only carried one card, which as far as wachovia knows, I do, then I would have been screwed at the resteraunts for not having any way to pay, because while I do have more than enough money to pay for an omlette, I don't tend to carry it with me. They also failed to mention something might happen with my card when getting my account setup, reset, and pin changed if that was the reason, and haven't sent me any letters or emails that mentioned the reason my card died.
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