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World Financial Network sucks!

I've been getting calls for the past 3 weeks or so for an "Alice Jackson". There is no such person at my address or phone number. There never has been--I'm the first person to live in my house and the first one to get that phone number. (Wheeeeeee--nice being one of the first customers of a new phone company!) I politely explained this error to the first several people who called, and finally started saying "No such person here" and hanging up.

Early last week I found out Lane Bryant's billing company (WFN) is looking for Ms. Jackson to get her to pay her overdue bill. I called the 800 number they left on my machine and explained the situation to them, and asked them to stop calling. They agreed. Or so I thought.

Last Friday they called again. I called back and repeated my explanation and TOLD them to quit calling me. I said I didn't like being harassed to pay a bill for someone I didn't know, and to leave me alone. They apologized and said they wouldn't call again. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

This morning they called again. I lost it and told them there was no Alice Jackson at my number, never would be, and then shouted into the phone "SO STOP FREAKIN' CALLING ME!" and hung up. I know there is a place to report this harassment, but can't remember where it is. Can any of you help me? Obviously being polite got me nowhere and now I need assistance from some agency that can make them back off.

Thanks for any and all advice you can give me!
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