Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

No, you can't take more than I owe you at the moment

I need to lose weight! I mean, seriously. So, I joined Bally's. The first month, I paid and I had exact change. I also paid for my gym partner and they said they didn't have change so the $5 extra was credited to his account. Strange, but ok. Today, I went to pay again. Apparently, they don't give change at all. The person behind the counter had an attitude first of all. She was apparently pissy because people were upset that the pool was closed. Fine, people are assholes, but don't take it out on me. Second, she got annoyed that I wouldn't overpay for my membership so that they could credit the account to next month's bill. Sorry, but I need the extra $15! What kind of business deals in money transactions, but doesn't have change on hand? Also, if other people pay with cash and do pay their exact amount, wouldn't there then be change?
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