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This happened a very long time ago, but this was the letter I sent into McDonalds:

[Just as a note, they closed at 11:00pm, and I pulled up at 10:45 along with three other cars. I was the middle car.]

I pulled up to the drive-through, and I ordered a Chicken Select combo meal. She had already rung up the Selects when the woman said that they were out of them. The Chicken Selects were for my boyfriend, and he wasn't with me at the time, so I asked her to hold on a second so I could call him up on my cell. I waited roughly 10-20 seconds and he didn't pick up. The Chicken Selects stayed on the screen.

I therefore decided just to order a 6pc chicken nuggets meal. I said so to the box. There was no response. I figured she had walked away for a second, maybe to see her manager to get rid of the order that was still on the screen. I waited a few more seconds (roughly 30) and said "hello?" again.

About 10 seconds later, I heard a *click* on the box. It was the sound made when the worker is speaking through their headmic, so I waited a second and said "can anybody hear me?!" I proceeded to say hello, yell hello, and say "can SOMEONE respond to me, please!?!?!?"

No response came. I thought maybe the order box might be malfunctioning, so I drove around to the manual order window. There was nobody there, and boxes were piled up by the window. I then drove to the Pick-Up window. There were boxes piled up on this window too. When I pulled around to the front (the only way to get out of the drivethru), I saw a good 9+ workers closing up shop.

I find this very rude and inconsiderate. The woman had already started to take my order, and then she blatantly ignored me. Someone must have heard me inside the store, and the least they could have done was say "sorry, we're closed now" or tell me a reason why they couldn't take my order. But they IGNORED ME COMPLETELY!

I am very upset about this, and I thought someone should know about the diminishing service that has been happening at that store for the past 6 months. I strongly suggest that some action be taken, or business will be lost due to lack of any sort of respect to your customers from your workers.



Dear Disgruntled Taco Bell Employee,
I am a VERY nice customer. I say "Thank You" when you tell me to drive up, and when you give me my change. I say "Yes Please" and "No Thank You". I ALWAYS have a smile on my face, even if I'm having the worlds worst day sporting a migraine headache.

I did NOT appreciate you being short with me, having a smirk on your face, overall being rude, and then slamming the drive-thru window in my face. You may have been having a bad day, trust me, I've had them too, but do NOT treat one of your nicer customers you're going to have all night like that.

Kindly F-Off.

No Love,
Pissed Off Customer.

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