Jessica (kf4vkp) wrote in bad_service,

Bad wing night

Went to wild wings. I get that all wing places have different bash night rules, but normally they tell you up front. It was buy one get one on all the wings. No biggie. We get there, took forever to be seated, but it finally happened. Get our drink orders placed, we know that we have at least one more person coming but the waitress kept asking if we were ready, so we went ahead and ordered. Bought someone a drink, and go, btw, this should go on my tab. She says, oh we don't seperate checks on Tuesdays. So we share this info with the group, no biggie, one of the guys says we can just pay him and he'll take care of it on his card.

the friend that was lagging behind got there and went to order, and the girl says, oh, we are only allowed to place one order per table on Tuesdays. We ask what if someone who was there to begin with wanted more than they ordered? She says it's not allowed because it would hold the table longer. WTF? And so they'd rather turn the table to another group, (even though our group is one that would keep ordering food and drinks for as long as we were there, making sure to turn a big profit for the time we're at the table) than to sell more food to people that are already there, and currently had a $200 bill. I left before the others but it turns out since we had more people coming they end up leaving and spending another hundred or so at sidelines.

Wouldn't have minded the rules if we'd known up front.
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