bintacular (bintacular) wrote in bad_service,

9:20pm: My friend and I meet up at a restaurant for a late dinner after work.

9:25: The waitress finally seats us by throwing menus on a table and walking away. We look around, the majority of the dining room is pitch-black and empty. We start to wonder if maybe they're closing early, and, both being servers ourselves, decide that before we order anything, we'll just check what time they close.

9:35: Server returns to our table. We both order coffee, I ask her if they close at 10 or 11. She says "No, we don't close until eleven, but then THEY came in (gestures toward the only other party in the smoking section) and JINXED me, and then you guys came in." We can't tell if she's serious or joking, so we kind of laugh a little and glance at each other. She adds in, "Well, I HAD everything done..."

9:45: She's back with coffee. I order some food, my friend isn't hungry but I tell her she can pick at my plate, as I'm not totally hungry, either.

10:00: She's back with my food. We both need a coffee refil, but she's gone before we can even ask. A friend of ours calls that I haven't seen since high school, and excitedly we ask if he wants to meet us for coffee, which he says he will and is on his way. We tell him they close soon, he knows that. We're just kinda muching away and chatting.

10:15: The waitress comes over quickly. I perk up to ask her for a coffee refil when she grabs the plate from between us (we're still eating), drops the check on the table, and pretty much RUNS. I check my watch, like, WTF? Is it midnight already?

10:20: Our friend shows up and somehow gets a coffee from her. She refills our coffees while we basically ignore her because we don't care enough to give a shit at the time, we don't touch the check, just all drink our coffee and catch up. When I drink coffee, I fidget a lot; bite my nails, play with things, etc., so I was subconsciously stacking up the unopened creamers in front of me, one on top of the other. Suddenly the server comes out of nowhere and grabs them from infront of me and reprimands us, "Don't DO THAT! You guys are MAKING A MESS!!!" And again, she runs away.

10:40: She's back at our table, grabs our untouched check off of it, and looks at me. "I need you to pay your tab." I glance at her lo-o-o-o-o-ong and hard, grab my purse while staring at her, and say, "O-kayyy." We slap a few bills on the table and decide to get out of there.

10:45: We're standing in the lobby, just out of the restrooms, bundling up our coats (we live in NH, come on!) and my friend's making a quick call to see if we all want to still hang out. Our waitress comes out from the booth she was sitting at in the non-smoking section, stands about 10 feet from us in the lobby, and STARES US DOWN. Like, just literally stands there and stares at us until we walk out the door.

What. The...
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