creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Sunday night I went to the late showing of Wolf Creek. I got out of the theater around midnight and the drive thru for the A&W on the other side of the parking lot was open. I had some coupons for burgers so I stopped to order some with fries & gravy. I pulled up to the speaker and waited......lalalalala nothing. A few more cars pulled up behind me so I started speaking into the speaker "hello......hello"? Nothing.

The car behind me got annoyed and honked. I poked my head out the window and the asshole flipped me the bird! WTF?! I hollered "No one is taking orders!" Looking thru the restaurant window I saw the employee run for the microphone. He must of been in the washroom. Anyway he took my order and when I got home the gravy was not in the bag and the receipt showed I was charged for it. :(

I was too tired to bother going back. The next day I went to the same theater to see a matinee of North Country. After the show I stopped at the same A&W. I mentioned to the clerk that I was there the night before and went home without the gravy. She gave me a free pop. :)
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