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Sorry if this doesn't really belong here, but I wanted to know if there are any other customers of Transport for London who are getting as poor a service as I.

I'm sure there are a few other people on here who use TfL and have become increasingly dissatisfied with the service:fare ratio over the past few weeks.

Me, I've just payed about £27 in order to get an Oyster bus pass for two weeks. I take two journeys a day; one there, and one back. One bus. One simple day? Sadly not.

I use the H17 bus route; it's the only bus route that'll get me to my work place (in fact, there are only three buses that go through my area, and all cease to run after 11pm). There's meant to be four every hour; in reality there are usually only two, or, if I'm lucky, three.

The buses are frequently late, extremely early (due to a few driver's habits of skipping stops) or not in service at all, and the drivers are rude as hell. They're rude to customers who use cash fares (we don't have ticket machines for buses in my area), rude to customers who use Oyster cards and rude to anyone who dares to ensure that the driver checks their paper travelcard. :( Most shout at them, blank them, ignore "thank yous" and "pleases", drive well over the speed limit or chuck everyone off of the bus at random "because my shift has finished" despite the fact that many who have payed cash fare or pay-as-you-go-Oyster card uses won't get their money back, and the sign on the front of the bus would indicate that the bus was going all the way.

The bus is jam-packed on every single journey apart from the last two at night; since it often comes late there's about ten people getting on at every stop, which invariably means that people won't be able to get on and the next bus will be even more packed. The sitch isn't helped by this stupid "free transport for under 18s" thing, where we pay for kids to abuse the transport system completely -- strangely enough, I paid for my transport all throughout the time I went to school (only a few months ago) and I behaved perfectly well, so I get the feeling that this free transport's done something to the respect of kids. However, that's a customers_suck post just waiting to happen. -_- The point is that the bus is also crammed full of teenagers who would otherwise be walking (honest.. most of them get on at one stop and get off at the next at a particular college, within easy walking distance) and it makes things distinctly uncomfortable. Even just an extra bus added at these school-time rush hours would be good. :(

The station where I have to wait has had its automatic doors jammed on "open" for about a year now, and it's getting to a point where my scarf and gloves aren't enough to keep me warm in there. I have a choice between entertaining myself with a book or my DS and being extremely cold (to the point where I have to go off in search of a cup of tea) or being bored stiff (and still cold) whilst I wait for a bus that might or might not come within the next hour. Considering that the station is closed every summer for maintenance (which consists of them repainting the lines on the tarmac), and added to that the huge jump in fares, you'd think they could see their way to fixing the doors. :(

There's no security at the station in an increasingly dangerous area, and a lot of teh time when I finish work (which can be at any time between 6 or 11) there's a fight breaking out somewhere in the station. I don't feel safe and I don't see why there's isn't security or CCTV to protect the customers. :( I've often been followed by strangers in the station and I have never been able to find a person who works there to give me help. TfL's tactic of playing classical music as loud as they can simply does not work and they need to admit that and invest in real crime prevention solutions.

When I contacted customer service to ask if there were any planned improvements, I recieved a reply back very quickly, but sadly it was regarding a completely different bus service on the other side of London. I've replied pointing out that I was asking about the H17 (and I know I hadn't made a typo since Gmail keeps a copy of every email sent); that was about a week and a half ago and I've not recieved any kind of reply. :( I just want to know if I should start learning to drive, because I don't want to carry on wasting my money on such a shoddy service that doesn't even get me to work on time. I feel like I'm being screwed over and I'm fed up with it.
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