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Bad Service or Unrealistic Expectations?

So, I've been working a lot.


Like, I haven't really had a day off since before DECEMBER. Really. That's seven days a week for over 6 weeks now. I also work NIGHTS. Which means... I sleep during the day. It really REALLY puts a damper on what I can accomplish, since really the only thing open at 3am is Wal-Mart.

In early November, before my job started reading me the riot act in scheduling, I got my car insurance through an insurance underwriter that I've always gone through since living in Florida. It was a bit more of a hassle this time 'round, as I'd actually moved from the state a year prior, and had just moved back--but about 8 miles away from where I was before. So the Insurance Depot office wasn't as convenient for me. Regardless, they were the cheapest available for general liabilty insurance on my old truck, so I made the effort to go down there and get my 92 S-10 Blazer insured with them. At that time, I did not yet have my Florida license reinstated; I still had my Kentucky license. Notably, as I was not yet working my Schedule of Doom©, there was no forseeable trouble with getting a copy of my Florida license to them within 60 days.

Cue the drama.

Around mid-November, I was 'promoted' to the job I'm at now. Immediately, I had 2 employees quit on me, thus guaranteeing that I would never ever again see the light of day while not driving to work. So what was not forseeably difficult, became exceedingly difficult--I simply could not get to the Drivers' License office to get my license reinstated. Time drew out, and I finally came to realize that I could simply have another one reissued to me, as I had an image on file already, and could reorder it online. So I did.

Then came the drama.

It wasn't so simple to get my copy of license to the Insurance people; I presumed they needed me to show up with the valid license in-hand, so THEY could make the copy and visually verify that it was indeed a valid license. Time crawled onwards, and it drew perilously close to the time when I would have my insurance cancelled by the actual insurance company (Peachtree Casualty) if I didn't get a copy of my license on file with the underwriter (Insurance Depot). In desperation, two days before the insurance was due to cancel (I thought) I called Insurance Depot and asked them if it was absolutely necessary to make the copies there in their office, as I simply COULD NOT make it down there during business hours. The man I talked to, the owner's son Jack Jr., looked up my account, and once apprised of my current employed-hell status, assured me that I could simply fax over a copy for them to get to Peachtree Casualty, and then drop off a good, original copy in the drop box there at their office (that I didn't know they had). I said, "that would be great, I'll send over the copy tomorrow when I get to work, and drop off the original after work."

The next day, I called in to Peachtree to make my payment by phone before I left for work, and was told flatly (and rather rudely, I may add) that my insurance had cancelled at midnight on January 12th--and it was now Friday the 13th. "There is nothing you can do," the surly woman snipped at me, as I hung up the phone, and immediately dialled Insurance Depot. I asked what I could do, I though I'd had till the 14th to get it all taken care of, as that was when my next payment was due. Jack Jr. told me to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that I got that copy of my license to him by fax by the end of business that day, and that he would take care of it for me.

"When will I be able to make a payment to it?" I asked, and he replied "I'll take care of that for now. Just get me the license today, and call on Monday."

Basically, he was floating me the insurance payment for a few days.

So, imagine my (non?) shock when I got a call from his office earlier today. Of course, I was in bed, as I sleep during the day and all, so it was on my machine.

So I called back, and got another lady there, rather than Jack Jr.

She flat out told me that it was cancelled and there was nothing to be done. When I told her that Jack Jr. had told me that he would take care of it for me, she danced around what I said and basically repeated that the policy was cancelled and I was screwed. (Not verbatim on that one, of course.) I, naturally, got annoyed, because that meant that I'd been driving around without insurance all weekend, because I had trusted that the gentleman had kept his word. The woman, in turn, got very rude, and basically told me (just the gist of it) that I was totally at fault (which, for the misunderstanding of dates I was), but completely deaf when I mentioned the name of Jack Jr. She acted like I was lying to try to somehow get my way.

So, now, here I am, without insurance. And no way to get it again. I have enough money right now for the payment, not to start a whole new policy; notwithstanding the fact that I CAN'T DO ANYTHING DURING THE DAY SO IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FIND A NEW, CHEAP CARRIER. So, basically, I'm fucked.

Bad service? Or my fault for believing what I was told?

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