Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

I went through the taco bell drive through today when the guy who was handling my money asked, "you wan' sum sauce, kid?". I'm 21 (22 next week). I may look more like 16-18 years old, but I ordered politely and was acting mature enough. This guy looked to be no older than 35. When I'm out and about I'm used to servers and workers saying "mam" or "miss" and I address them in the same way because I feel it's polite. I don't have to be addressed like this, it's not bad service when I'm not, I'd at least not like to be addressed as "kid". I understand that some people use that as a pet name for people, but they shouldn't do that at work. It's not really bad service, but it does feel impolite.

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