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My wife and I and the two people who rent rooms upstairs went to IHOP yesterday for breakfast at 1pm, after the actual breakfast rush, so the restaurant had the normal Sunday breakfast staff and only 1/3 the customers. The waitress took her sweet time bringing things, then it took a turn for the worse. Aline, the chick sitting across the table from me, asked what happened to the waitress's hand (she was wearing a brace.) The waitress grabbed Aline's hand and started poking and prodding and demonstrating, very animatedly, that she broke her wrist in April of last year and she was out of work for five and a half months and she's sooooooooooo behind on her bills and blah blah blah. Okay, that's a bit too much information, but I suppose she asked for it.

After the table next to ours got up and left, she came to our table, put her arm around me, and asked the whole table in a low voice "Did any of you see another server taking my tips? I usually make $40-50 by now but I only have $15 in my pocket right now so if I find out who is taking my tips, they're getting fired." Then, she went to get the check and didn't return for 20 minutes so we had to flag someone else to get her to bring the check. I never did get the water or dessert I asked for. >:|

Washington Mutual:

I got two months behind on my mortgage, so I called in December to work out a payment plan. I paid double my normal mortgage payment that month, and I was told that I could pay double my mortgage payment ($2450) on the first (and that it would be late on the 15th) of January and February and $1850 on April 1st everything would be cool. I called this morning (their number was fast busy on Friday) and explained what happened and that I would like to pay the $2450 now, and they informed me that the payment plan was broken because I didn't pay on or before January 1.

Me: "They told me that it wouldn't be late till the 15th"
Her: "That's not true, though, there is no grace period on payment plans"
Me: "But that's not what they said. Whatever, I'd like to pay $2450 now."
Her: "I'll have to reset your payment plan, please hold." *hold music* "Alright your payment today is $2200"
Me: "But I called to pay $2450"
Her: "I can't accept that, I'll take $2200 today, $1912 next month, $1912 in March, and $1912 in April"
Me: "Wait, what? How does that even add up?"
Her: "That's what the computer says, so that's what you have to do."

Die in a fire, Washington Mutual.
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