Bananakin Skywalker (hicat) wrote in bad_service,
Bananakin Skywalker

Update to the ADV story here.

Bitches! I want my fucking money! ADV is beginning very much to piss me off. Seriously. It's not that the money isn't in my account, although that is irksome enough, but the fact that I just got put on hold for three minutes and then hung up on. As in it came off of being on hold, and I heard it go down on the cradle in a loud, clunky noise. ALL OVER $34. And then when I called back, I got sent straight to voicemail, so I left them a very unhappy voicemail. Very. I'm really not happy right about now.

I'm going to call back in a while. Right now I'm very unhappy. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK.

The voicemail was along the lines of "Did you just hang up on me? I'm sorry if that was an accident, but it sounded intentional to me. My name is My Name, my phone number is My Number and my order number is 25750. All I want is my money back." It was different than that, but I can't remember what I said. I'm unhappy, and I JUST WANT MY $34 BACK.
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