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My boyfriend and I are attending a TAFE just outside Melbourne, because East Gippsland TAFE won't take international students. (That's a rant for another day about Australia's bloody uptight Department of Immigration.) We're living with his parents in East Gippsland, about three hours away from where we're looking at moving.

On Wednesday the 4th we turned in an application for a house in Narre Warren to Stockard & Leggo, and were told they'd get back to us within three business days. I called that Monday. I called that Tuesday. When it became abundantly clear that we weren't going to hear back promptly we went down to Berwick (on Thursday the 12th) to do some more looking, and the girl at the desk told us that the landlord had gone to Thailand and would be back on Saturday. Nice of people to tell us that! We turned in two more applications and went home.

Today I got ahold of someone again, after I was promised a call back on Saturday. It took four calls to finally get the property manager, and when I asked her what the hell was going on she said they were still in Thailand and should get back to her today. I gave her our mobile number, and then I asked her about the other two applications.


Fuck fuck fuck. So they've been sitting there for a week waiting for this person to get back from vacation, while we could have been approved for a house in Berwick. FUCK. I called back and told her to change the priority to the house in Berwick, and tomorrow, since we're driving down to Pakenham to look at houses there anyway, I'm going to pay them a nice little visit, ask to speak to the boss, and tell them, very politely, exactly what I think of their stupid priority policy. (Is it NORMAL for Australia? The stupid real estate agents in the require employment details and references and things that aren't any of their business like my STUDENT NUMBER and what I'm studying. That threw me off, so maybe this is par for the course too, but my boyfriend and his parents haven't heard of it either, and he and his sister have been renting for years.) It fucking means we may not have a place in time, and DIMIA and Chisholm TAFE breathing down my fucking neck because I'm not even officially enroled yet. I have to be down there in a WEEK to settle enrolment.

Any advice? We are in our early twenties and aren't currently employed (we put down our parents were paying the rent, but really we'll be relying on Centrelink and part-time jobs, not that that's any of their damn business), and we started early to ensure that if one or two landlords said no because they thought we were going to wreck the place, then we'd still have a chance at finding something. Now we're looking at staying in a caravan park until we can get settled. Maybe I should send them a bill.
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