Heidi (deathofrats) wrote in bad_service,


I went to Tim Horton's and ordered an everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese. I realized it was taking a bit longer than I expected but couldn't tell what the woman was doing so I didn't say anything. I get my bagel finally and take it back to work to munch on at my desk. She toasted it. The menu states "bagel with cream cheese". Nowhere does it say toasted. So why did this woman do something not specified?
Now, I do realize this isn't "OMG I'm contacting the manager and getting her fired!" bad service. Next time I'll specify "...bagel, NOT toasted, with..." and it'll probably be a different worker who thinks I suck for being so stupid to mention something unnecessary cuz they'll probably know not to do something extra not asked for. Please, workers, don't be changing food items to fit the description in your own head.
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