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First time poster. ^_^

First time poster. ^_^
Let me say before I say anything else, that I happen to love Walmart. Or, I used to. But, I've always been a faithful customer at the one by my house, and used to know everyone by name, their family, etc, etc. I've always let the general decline of customer service in Walmart over the past years slide. But last night just broke the camel's back, and pushed me over the edge.

I ventured into a Walmart about 20 minutes from my home, right across the street from the mall. This particular Walmart is open until 11pm (most are open to 10pm if not 24-hour). And, we all know malls typically close at 9. So, logically there'd be a rush around 9pm, right?

Well. Every single time I'm in this store, they have two lanes open. The store is bumbling and thriving with customers, and there are always two lanes open. Two hours before closing. Lines are typically 8 people deep. And usually, I'm okay with it. I wait patiently, and try to be quick and painless to the harried cashiers.

Then last night, I went to an express lane with my 6 items. I made a diagram, just so it's easier to describe. (Oddly enough, I'm known for my diagrams throughout LJ.) So I approached Lane A, behind a man with one large item. Lane B had a few people in line, so I figured it'd be quicker. So I just waited, and the cashier seemed to be having problems with the guys order. Wasn't scanning or something. No big deal, I waited. And waited. It got to the point where when I was in retail, I would apologize to the customer next in line, and tell them it could take a while. Instead, the cashier walked to the phone between the lanes, and called somebody. So I glanced at Lane B, and she was free, nobody in line. So I moved there.

Only to be ignored. The cashier didn't greet me, didn't say anything during the transaction, and was actually talking to Lane A's casher the entire time. I ran my card through, and it flashed a message "please ask cashier to push credit button" so I say "ma'am?" and no response.

No response.
She turns and glares.
"Can you please push the credit button?"
She slams down the button, huffs, and turns back to Lane A's cashier, without a word.
I was just completely turned off and frustrated by then, so I asked for her manager/CSM.

The manager?CSM came over, listened, and promised to talk to them. -_-
I did notice, though, that my sister who came in line behind me, the cashier made a point to pour on the sugary, saccharine sweetness. -.-

Maybe my standards for cashiers are higher now, because I was one. I mean, I'm sympathetic; I know what they go through. But really. Be nice, be quick, and I'm fine. Like I said, minor bad service, just really frustrating.
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