Carolyn (ex_subservi) wrote in bad_service,

This started out as a reply to a previous post about Rogers, and just kind of escalated into my own post.

I have had bad experiences with Rogers all around.

Back when I had a cell phone with their company, they sold me a phone that was known to be defective. At the time the phone only had light use (I was in high school, it was used to contact my parents if needed), so the problem went more or less unnoticed as I could go an entire week without making a call. When I got to university, I noticed it just would not stay charged PAST the one call.

I took it in to get the battery replaced, and was told that it was a known software problem that would cost me $150 to fix since I was outside my warranty (they did not offer the option of purchasing an extended one). They also told me that they could do nothing to offer me a deal on a new phone unless I signed for another two years, even though at the time of sale there were known issues I was not notified of and I had never been late with a bill the entire time I was with them. I decided I'd rather fork out the $200 to cancel my contract (as it was less than the cost of a new phone), and found a new provider. I spent the next two months dealing with telemarketers trying to seduce me back with promises of a free new phone, when all I had been asking for in the first place was a discount.

I have also been a customer of their cable internet service, mostly because I live about ten minutes out of town and it was available here before DSL. Mostly they have given me no reason to complain, but I was a little peeved when they imposed a bandwidth limit of 60GB per month (which would be hard for me to attain, just the reason it was there). Recently, however, they decided to choke bandwidth on all ports but 1720 by reading all the packets, effectively screwing over my ability to use filesharing programs for even legitimate uses (for example, WoW uses torrents to patch the program, and boy do I love parentheses). I called, and was given excuses that, while they had merit, did not explain the fact that I was getting a 5kpbs download speed. I don't know if they were trying to simplify the reasons because they did not expect me to understand, or just outright lying to get me to shut up, but either way, I did not appreciate it.

As I also don't really appreciate spending $45 a month to use my browser, again, we will be cancelling with the company as soon as we get our DSL set up (incidentally with the same company that I have my new cellular contract with, with whom I have not had a single problem). It's unfortunate that they are the only cable company available in my area, because I would be very pleased to never have to deal with them again at all.
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