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Maurices Clothing Store-Credit Card Sucks

This clothing store had an awesome sale going on and I bought roughly, $68.00 worth of clothing. I applied for their card because you could save money (big mistake) and I attend a college so I gave them my home address, because I bought the crap before my winter break.

I waited for the card in the mail and never got one. I called the company and got my balance by just inputting my social # and street address. It said it was $0. I come back home and hoped the card was delivered to my dorm address (since it was on my ID they used when I did the application) but nope, it wasn't their either. I then call the number again to see when I need to make a payment and it said my balance was $92.21. So WTF

I went to the store and tried to argue with an employee, and the said employee phoned the company, was yelled at, and was able to at least get my account number.

I call and find out that I'm a month behind on my payments and was charged a fee plus finance charges. I never even activated the damn card. Finally, the person removed the fee but said I still had to pay the finance charges and that a new card, with coupons that I will burn, shall be mailed out to the right address.

Well, I still never got it but I did make out a check, with my account number, to pay for my balance and sent it out 2 1/2 weeks in advance of the due date. I check my account and they never took out the money so I call once again and the lady says they never got my payment and that if I don't pay I'll be reported to the credit bureau and something about fraud O_o

She says I need to pay over the phone, since their website takes 4-5 days for payments to be listed to an account or so she said (didn't matter anyways since I tried to create an account but it wouldn't let me without activation of the card). I said hell no and asked what would happen if I DID make an over the phone payment and they eventually get my check. She said they would credit the amount to my Maurices limit.

WTF I need the money and don't want to double pay so I told her to make a note not to cash it and she said they couldn't do it. So I told her I'd go through my bank and cancel the check. She said if I did that I'd be charged another freakin fee -_- I then asked if I could just get a refund check of the money and she said I'd have to do a special procedure and it could take a long time. A day later I just made the over the phone payment and paid a $7 to do so.

In the end, I saved no money and spent even more by having the card (which I don't have physically STILL)

I know, it was boring but dang, don't get store credit cards because they are the portal to hell.

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