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Living a Life of Chaos

This isn't terrible service so much as it's frustrating service. This is because I'm irritated by the cycle that customer service tends to create and continue.

Our cell plan is with Cingular. We've been with them for almost 4 years and our contract is up for renewal in April. Cingular has always been good to us. They've worked with us on every possible occasion and have always given us excellent service. That's not an issue.

The problem came about when I asked for my brother (who just moved in with us) to be added to our cell plan via the whole $9.99 deal they have going. He already has a phone, so we just needed him added. They told us that they would have to check with the credit department due to the fact that they had canceled our account for non payment less than a month ago. I understood this.

The reason for the disconnect was because we went over on our minutes because of alot of family emergencies which put us on the phones constantly. I went in and paid the bill in person and paid what we usually owe. The person behind the counter didn't say anything one way or the other and didn't mention that we owed another $150 on top of it. I didn't find out we went over and owed more until the phones were disconnected. I wasn't upset or bothered. I went in the day they were disconnected and paid the bill in full to have them reconnected.

We had to wait until the next day to find out what the credit department had to say as we walked in after that particular department had closed. When we got there they gentleman behind the counter proceded to set everything up and then informed me that they would need a $250 now in order to add my brother to the phone. This was crazy enough simply because that's almost the equivalent of 3 months of bills. No phone company lets you keep your phone for 3 months without paying.

I told the man I didn't have that to give him right now and he was completely understanding. He filed the paperwork away to be used at a later date so the credit check wouldn't have to be run again. He was polite and whatnot so there was no issue there.

I call my husband at work to tell him we failed to get Michael set up on our plan and the reason for it. Husband didn't like this one bit. He asked for the number of the particular Cingular location we went to and told me he'd call me back in a few minutes.

Many minutes later he calls me to tell me to go back up there as it's all settled now. He informed me that I simply wasn't mean enough. He said that he asked the man how he was going to expect him to pay a $250 deposit when we've been good customers for almost 4 years and how did the company honestly think he was going to renew his contract in April under such circumstances. The man told him to wait one moment while he "rechecked with the credit department". He came back on the phone and assured my husband that the deposit would be waived since we've been customers for so long and that we just needed to come back to get the phone set up.

This in itself isn't terrible service, I suppose. But it enrages me as it further makes things difficult for the average CS worker.

I'm not mean enough. Okay, that's a given. I'm really not. My brother thinks that it might also have to do with the fact that I'm female and that could possible have something to do with it. (Especially since the man behind the counter was a southern good ole boy.)

But I'm curious as to why companies shoot themselves in the foot on this issue? Let's screw over the customers that are nice and give in to the customers who are mean. I'm polite and treat every CS person with respect deserving of a person in a crappy ass job and get told I have to pay $250. My husband is an ass and threatens to withdraw his business and he gets what he wants.

Doesn't this sound odd to anyone else? It's no wonder so many of us are forced to get nasty. Apparently, the average company uses this as the definition of a good customer deserving of rewards. Being nice gets you no where. It's only when you're a bitch is when you'll see results. /boggle

I miss my video store. Back when my husband and I were managing the store (and dating as well) we had it set up where we'd waived the late fees off every now and then for the good customers that never complained about their fees. But the ones that were repeat offenders who would get nasty were required to pay the fees every time. It was that or they simply weren't going to rent.

Instead, most companies now a days breed horrible negativity and they do it to themselves.


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