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goddamn it, Lip Service!

Okay. Last January, I bought a top from Lip Service that frayed apart the first time I wore it, so I returned it as a defective item. No harm, no foul; since I was worried about the same thing happening to a replacement, I got an e-mail assuring me that I could put the money toward another Lip Service purchase. The item was returned in March after a series of slow back-and-forth e-mails -- I don't entirely trust their web form.

Fast forward to mid-November -- I'm trying to get sizes from the reps so that I can buy some of the winter line, and double-check to make sure they still have my $40-odd in credit. They do. Excellent. I send in a request for the measurements of a few specific styles. I wait two weeks. I re-send a request through the web form including the styles and sizes I wanted. I get a reply a week later asking me what styles I wanted the sizes for. I reply with the same information I sent last time. And that was the last of the communication from the company.

Since then, I've tried e-mailing the reps directly using the reply addresses in their e-mails -- erratic at best, sometimes I would get bounce notifications -- and using the web forms (no replies) and even using the toll-free in the U.S. and Canada number (not available in my area, which is incidentally the third-largest city in Canada) -- they do have a number for international calls, which I haven't tried yet.

What the hell do I do now? I just want to use my credit and not ever have to deal with them again.

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