Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

I wrote back on December 19th that my hard drive died and wanted tips for how not to get screwed over by best buy's service plan. Turns out that ain't the kind of thing one can avoid.

I went in the next day and told them the problem, they ran some sort of system analysis to see what was wrong, said parts of the hard drive were corrupted and that they'd send out my computer to get a new hard drive and try to save all the data that was left on it. Said to check back in 3-7 days.

On the 8th day I went in to ask where my computer was, they said they didn't tell me 3-7 days, they told me 3-7 weeks. I misheard, understandable. At this time, they showed me on a screen where it said it was in california and it was due back on the 31st.

On the 6th, I went back and they told me that it hadn't arrived, but they'd leave a message for the manager to call me in the morning to tell me what was up.

On the 10th I went back there since the manager never called, and I don't trust help over phones because callers tend to get second rate service between customers in the stor. I talked to a different guy on geek squad since up to now every time we went in it was the same employee. This guy looks up my account, says that it wasn't properly diagnosed, there was a large chance it was a software and not a hard drive failure and it's quite possible that the place in california will send it right back to me unfixed and that they'd end up fixing it in the store. Also said that the california place has absolutely horrible estimation dates on when things get back so I now have no idea when I'll be seeing my computer again.
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