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I went to Subway down the street from my work for lunch today. This particular Subway is inside of a Shell Gas Station, while standing in a 4 person line (of all white people with a white sandwhich artist) a black man came in (late 40's, dressed nicely, which doesn't even matter, the point is no matter what his race is/was he was incredibly nonthreatening looking.) and stood at the Shell counter for a good 2 minutes, he turned around to the woman making our sandwhiches and asked "Hey, is someone working the gas station counter?". The sandwhich artist immediately snapped at him "He'll be out in just a second, be patient and wait your turn".. He wasn't trying to cut in our line, he was very polite in asking. The sandwhich artist didn't even say this nicely she just SNAPPED, I wouldn't even talk to a dog like that. She then turned to everyone in line and proceeded to go off about how "those types of people are so rude". The black man stood there for another couple of minutes then turned to her and asked "I'm kind of in a hurry, can you get him for me?". The sandwhich artist started SCREAMING at him about how rude and wait your turn and just the must ridiculous stuff you can believe.

Finally, the guy who runs the gas station counter comes out from the back when he hears the commotion to figure out what happened (he had been on the phone with a supplier who was lost). At this point the black man was screaming at the woman (rightfully so) and the gas station guy tries to calm both of them down but the sandwhich artist will NOT lay off. The black guy storms out declaring he would never buy anything from a place that employees people like her. He leaves and the sandwhich artist continues to talk shit about him to the 4 of us "whities" standing in line like we are all in a regional KKK meeting. When she finally spouted off with "I'm just sick of waiting around for ni***** to rob this place!!!" I f-ing lost it. I started screaming about what a racist cunt she was and how I agree with this guy, I don't want to buy anything at a store that employees people like her either. I declare I'm going to Togo's (which I hate) up the street and storm out.

At Togo's I got a black sandwhich artist in which I got a bigger sandwhich than planned and tipped her to try to help balance out the universe.

I love Subway but I will never go there again unless that lady is fired.

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