bredanbutterfly (bredanbutterfly) wrote in bad_service,

Can he do that?

I love and up until a week ago have shared nothing but perfect website/shopper bliss. Enter jack ass. I ordered a dvd that was lister as "new" and "unopened" I was trilled to discover such a find and paid for the dvd and selected priority shipping. I waited the week it was estimated to take and nothing. Almost a week later it arrived. I opened it up to see that there were no security stickers on it and that it was unwrapped so much for the "unopened" claim. I wasn't too upset about that as long as the dvd was new. When I opened the case the dvd didn't look right (I had rented this movie several times before deciding to just buy it) it didn't match the ones that I have rented before. Upon closer inspection it was a burned dvd. The cover art could be pealed off. The cover was printed from a printer and you could see where the guy screwed up cutting it. The dvd skipped in places and the special features don't work at all. I left negative feed back on his seller information so others would be informed about what happened. I also made an attempt to contact the seller to see if we could work something out. He never got back to me and posted under my response that he had to harass me for payment and was trying to mail him back a burned dvd so I could keep the original. I tried to get a hold of someone at Amazon but they said that all I could do was file a complaint. Is there anything else I can do?
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