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truck buying horror story

we are two chicks who purchased a truck from texan auto in the middle of last year. some names changed to protect the innocent. below is my report to the texas attorney general's office. i still have no clue where mah truck is, and i have no vehicle to go down there to find out. :(

horror story behind cut:

I purchased a truck from Texan Auto Sales in late July of 2005. Chuck, the salesman who sold me and co-owner Bonnie (both names on title) only allowed a test drive of the vehicle to occur on the streets surrounding the dealership. He did not allow a test-drive on the highway.

Bonnie and I went back later in the week to purchase the vehicle after looking up information on it on Carfax. Within three hours of purchasing the truck it broke down. We were able to run errands on the street for it, but once we attempted to bring it on the highway we got stranded on the shoulder of the road due to the engine overheating. We had to call AAA to pick us up in order to haul us to an AutoZone.

At the AutoZone we attempted to repair the truck and after putting $200 worth of repairs into it we were able to get it on the highway in order to drive us home. By the time we got it home (less than ten miles) the truck had completely overheated with a strong smell of oil wafting in the surrounding area of the truck.

We contacted a local repairman to look at the car to see if it could be fixed and he said there was an engine problem and it would cost at least $2,000 to have it fixed.

We decided at that point that instead of putting anymore money into repairs that we would bring it back to the lot to see what our options were. Since the vehicle was sold "as is" we were not able to get our money back for it; $2,656.25. We agreed at that point to put it on consignment for $2,748.42 because Chuck said "some Mexican will probably buy it."

We left it on consignment for several months and just called yesterday (January 10th) to find out the current status on it. Bonnie was told by the representative we contacted that it was on a different lot than the one we called, Lot 3. She said "okay" and attempted to find a scrapyard so we could at least get $300 and put it past us.

I had a bad feeling about what they told her, so I contacted Lot 3 today to find out if it was there. A representative named Rick stated "I only have 14 cars on this lot and your truck is not one of them." When he attempted to give me directions on how to get down to his lot to give him the consignment information and I told him that I did not have one because they sold me a broken truck, he laughed at me over the phone. He then asked me to fax over the consignment agreement because he did not recognize my truck being on any of the lots there, period.

I contacted Lot 2 (thanks to the phone number on their website) and was told by the representative that my truck wasn't on his lot either. He had a list of all of the vehicles on consignment in front of him and the truck was not on that list either. I gave him the VIN and he said he would call back after he had done research.

Bonnie called Lot 1 after that and was told that Rick of Lot 3 was "ignorant" and that the truck was indeed on his lot.

After getting off the phone with Lot 1 we recieved a voicemail from Chuck, the original person who sold us the truck and put it on consignment for us, telling us that we had overheated the truck and that we should not "talk with an attitude" to them and "be rude to them." I have the voicemail still on my phone and can record it and mail it to you if you wish to hear it.

I have never been treated so badly by any company before in my life. At this point I either want the truck or my money back. I need to take the truck off of consignment and have no idea where it currently is in order to do so.
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