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hi im new here.

so you need a new cell phone? considering Sprint? FORGET IT!

i signed a 2 year contract with Sprint and while their coverage/service is okay/questionable, their "customer service" is SHIT.

the issue started 7 or 8 months ago. glue had started to leak into the area between the screen on my phone and the glass or plastic that covers it. the glue nearly obscures half of my screen, an OBVIOUS manufacturers defect.

so i have been to my local Sprint store several times trying to get this fixed. i have seen 7 DIFFERENT people about this issue and some tell me that its a manufacturers defect and they they will fix it free of charge when the repair guy is in (apparently he works odd hours on odd days) while still others tell me that it should be covered by my insurance (yes i am paying 3 dollars a month insurance on this piece of crap). what pisses me off is that the 'insurance' doesnt mean my phone gets fixed, it simply means that i have to pay out of pocket to BUY a NEW PHONE. yeah i need to pay a 50 dollar deductible! when i bought my phone i got it on sale for 30 dollars (originally 250) so my insurance means that i can buy the same model of phone for 50 dollars instead of 250...but the REAL LAUGH is that the phone is no longer 250 dollars....its not even 30 dollars anymore! it is now priced at 9.99 and i have to pay a 50 dollar deductable??! its a manufacturers defect and they refuse to fix it!! and the technician that they keep telling me to come see at certain times....well that asshole is NEVER THERE! im starting to think he just doesnt exist! ive been in to see him about a DOZEN TIMES!! never there.

their service has gone to shit recently and im fed up with constantly having issues that will NOT be resolved. i went to the store again the other day and demanded they cancel my contract for FREE (no i refuse to shell out 150 to cancel it), fix my phone for FREE, or upgrade me to a new phone for FREE something better than the current piece of shit i have now. i have thrown the phone against the wall more times than i can count, just out of sheer frustration. turns out they wanted to upgrade my phone for free but i need to change my phone number oh, and i need to sign up for ANOTHER 2 YEARS of shite 'service'. no f'in thanks. youre not doing ME any favours!
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