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First post! I actually had no idea this community even existed until someone in another community told me about it.

I stopped at the grocery store (it's called Marsh--you've probably never heard of it if you're not from Indiana, USA or a surrounding state) on my way home from work to pick up a few things. I found a relatively short line and put my things on the conveyor belt. I only had 3-5 items and I placed them a good distance away from the order in front of mine so I didn't use a divider. I was tired from work and not really paying much attention when the cashier began scanning my items. I saw her grab my Dr. Pepper and scan it and then the man in front of me snapped at her.

"No! That's not mine! I'm ONLY getting two bags of ice!"

It was pretty rude and I could tell that it pissed her off so I apologized to her for not using a divider. She just GLARED at me.

When it was my turn I smiled at her and said hello and she glared at me nastily again. When she handed me my receipt I said "thank you" to her and she looked the other way and said nothing. I stood there for a moment waiting for her to look at me and it never happened. I turned and said thank you to the bagger. The bagger, whom the cashier was carrying on a conversation with the whole time I was standing there, told me to have a good day.

So was I at fault here? I realize that I messed up but I did apologize. I used to work for this grocery store back in my high school days and I know that the way she treated me is not acceptable to the company. I was pretty mad about the way the cashier treated me but I just let it go. Everyone has a bad day and I didn't figure getting a manager involved would make things any better. I certainly wouldn't appreciate it if someone did that to me where I work.
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