Alysa (foofasaurus) wrote in bad_service,

Thanks a lot, Round Table

The only pizza I can stomach these days is the thin crust cheese or pepperoni from Round Table Pizza. I love the stuff, and it's a treat to have it. But their service STINKS.

They're horrible with their wait times. I've never been given my pizza anywhere close to the time I was told it'd be ready. Twenty minutes late is the soonest I've ever gotten it, but I love Round Table so much I'm usually willing to deal.

Tonight my father was coming home from work late, so he agreed to stop there and pick the order up. He called on his way there and was told it'd be ready in twenty minutes, thirty minutes tops. He arrived fifteen minutes later. And waited. And waited. Ten minutes after the thirty minute mark he'd been quoted, he ordered a drink and asked how it was doing. Not done yet, he was told, so he sat back down.

Another twenty minutes went by (now half an hour late) and he again asked for the pizza. The girl at the register seemed shocked it wasn't up yet, so she turned to another worker and gestured at my dad's ticket. The guy stared at it several seconds before looking half-heartedly around his area. "Oh," he mumbled, and pulled our two pizzas off a shelf down below. "They were down here." The girl asked why tey hadn't been brought out to my dad, and the guy just shrugged. He gave my dad the pizzas and turned away. The girl turned away. Neither of them so much as said sorry.

My dad is pissed. When he got home, he immediately called the manager to let him know what crappy customer service he got. The guy didn't seem all that interested, offering lame "Ohhh, I can't believe that, wow I'm sorry" excuses. My dad informed him that apologies were sort of pointless after the fact. The guy hemed and hawed and didn't say anything, so my dad told him he's not looking to get anything, especially when no one had the courtesy to offer anything (they didn't even comp his drink from when he was waiting). He just wanted to let the manager know so it could be taken care of, and to let him know hell would freeze over before he dealt with their BS again.

>_< No more Round Table for us.
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