Jenn (lotus_kitty) wrote in bad_service,

toxic hell

Okay, it takes ALOT to piss me off and get me riled at bad service. So this is my first post here.

So I stop at Toxic Hell today 'cause I want a Mexican Pizza thingy. Bad thing to crave. Anyways they put those lil green onions on em. And DAMNIT I'm very BADLY allergic to them. So I go into the dining room area as opposed to the ever so slow drive thru. I order my food and very PLAINLY say "NO GREEN ONIONS AS I'M ALLERGIC TO THEM."

I get my food. Apparently when you say no onions that means EXTRA onions. I look at my reciept it says something to the effect of no onions. I calmly go up to the cashier show them my reciept and the pizza thing, and say I ordered it without onions as I'm ALLERGIC to them. They say they're sorry yadda yadda, offer to remake it. They do.

I get it back... WITH ONIONS!!! Albeit FEWER onions, but damnit they're still there. So I go back up and say that it has onions again, and I ask to speak to the manager. I get the manager and explain that I ordered it WITHOUT THOSE GREEN ONIONS AS I'M ALERGIC TO THEM!!!!!!ELEVENTYONE!!!!!!!!

Then they yet again remake it. With onions.

I get my money back then leave.

*rips out hair*
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