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Final Sprint Update with Good News

First of all I want to thank everyone for their replies to my post. I have been very, very ill for the past 4 days and so I wasn't able to reply to most all of your replies. I do want you to know that I just spent the last 15 minutes reading every single one. So truly, thank you all so much.

Now, on to the good news. As you may recall, Sprint was rather high-handed when last I spoke to them. I got a phone call from Ms. Weaver saying that, indeed, the CEO did take the time to read my letter and has waived all charges. She assured me that she'll send a letter from the CEO by the end of the week to confirm everything is settled and reverse all the damage done to my credit at the various agencies.

There was a lot of sucking up involved and this is the one that gets me the most:

''Dr. xxxxx, I do hope this resolves the matter and Mr. Forsee sends his personal apologies. He appreciates the work you do and hopes there's no need to contact the Attorney General or the media.''

I nearly snorted in laughter while the lady was on the phone. It's regrettable that one must resort to threats of legal action or public humiliation to get a company to listen. I also made a point not to say I wouldn't be reporting them to the FCC and Attorney General. Sprint has the absolute lowest rating for customer service of any mobile phone company operating in the US. Pathetic. I've already filed the FCC complaint and my friend is drafting a letter to the AG for me. I won't be sending that one until I have the letter from Sprint in my hand apologising and stating the account is clear. I want to include that as proof.*

She also promised that she'd already researched every person that had accessed my account with whom I'd spoken on that day from hell and would be contacting their managers personally. I suppose that having the executive assistant to the CEO contact your manager about your rude behaviour just might make one pay a bit more attention to the customers (or former customers) with whom you're speaking. I hope.

Now, while their regular CS people were beyond rude and ineffective, I must say that there were a few that deserved the praise that I gave. There were two in particular that stood out in my mind and she did say that the CEO knew their names and would be sending them an e-mail. That pleases me. I'm glad to know that out of this whole thing some good did come.

I hope that everyone having troubles with Sprint gets them resolved. Just remember, you've got to be persistant with these people. They never seem to listen on your first try, so keep trying.

Okey then my friends, it's back to work for me. Good luck to you all. I hope I can only read now and never have to post here again. ;-)
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