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Express Mail (USPS)

I was having some issues with my cell phone not working (display not showing up at all) and after a lot of talking with Cingular, it turned out I had just dropped out of warranty last month. (am a bit irked to know if I'd been a bit less honest they wouldn't have been able to tell and I probably could've gotten them to send me a new phone, but that's a whole 'nother story) So anyway, I am not in a position to pay for a brand new phone at this time and that was what it looked like I might have to do.

Enter my mother, who had an extra Cingular phone that'd never been used. So she mails it to me. Now, she sends it Express so that it can get here the next day (I'm in Maryland, she's in Mississippi). I don't know why she sent it Express cause, honestly? It wasn't that dire, but eh, it's my mom.

So she tells me, "It's supposed to be there tomorrow by 10 am." And I'm like "Okay" and I make sure someone will be there to receive it since I was going to be at work.

Get home? No package, didn't even come with the regularly scheduled mail that afternoon.

The next day it did show up, however I was about to really start in on a rant because when I checked the mail, there was a slip in the box saying I'd have to go pick up my package from the post office. Yet, when I came inside, there was the box my mom had mailed me. Not sure how that happened, but it did seem a little annoying.

So the whole point is that it came a day later than it was supposed to and yes, this isn't the worst service and yes it wasn't dire but?

My mom spent $20 on shipping the darn thing when she probably could've just spent $3.85 for priority and it would have gotten here almost as fast.

I think I'm mostly annoyed on her behalf.
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