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I've been reading this community for a long time...never really experienced service bad enough to write here, but within the last three days I've experienced enough bad service to actually keep me angry for more than a few hours (I usually shrug it off).

Where to begin...?

Okay, my first tale of woe involves bad service on the part of the high school I recently graduated from...I realize a public school isn't necessarily a service institution, but this was something they were supposed to do for me, and then completely dropped the ball, thus royally upsetting the scheduled plans for my first semester of college. Cut for moderate length...

Around the beginning of my college's registration period, I filled out a registration form and sent it in to be processed. I didn't receive any error notices or whatnot, and couldn't think of any reasons that it wouldn't be processed, so I went a few months until final registration. On Friday, I went up to the school to check my class schedule and to pay my tuition. When I asked about my bill, I was informed that my form hadn't been processed.

Excuse me....what?

The polite woman in the registration office told me that my form hadn't been processed because there was a hold on my account...I apparently owed the school $249.80 for my Japanese 1 class that I had taken a year ago. No invoices had been sent to me to inform me of this charge, which should've been paid for already. This requires more explanation...

In my senior year, I did a dual enrollment program, wherein my high school would pay for a college course of my choice, which would count as my sixth hour. The credits I earned for the class would go towards my high school transcript, not my college transcript. At the time I registered for the class, my high school gave me a voucher that would supposedly cover the entire cost of tuition.

It seemed to work invoices arrived from EITHER notice of paperwork errors, nothing. And yet, here I was, a year later, unable to register for classes until I payed the $250. I couldn't do this at that time...I only had enough money to pay for this semester's tuition.

The woman in the registration office (who, again, was very helpful), walked with me to the cashier's office and explained the situation to the cashier. The cashier checked her documents, and found nothing to explain why my charges hadn't been paid. She ended up calling the district office, and was informed that my high school had sent the voucher, all right....but they sent it in the wrong format. Apparently, my high school was supposed to send a formal letterhead to the college, which granted them permission to bill Walled Lake Public Schools.

So now I have to go back to my high school (dread), find my old counselor (hoping she still works there), and annoy her until I get a competent response.

Luckily, the cashier and registration office employee worked very well with me...they put a forward on the $250 charge and allowed me to only pay for this semester's tuition. However, I had a very dire selection of classes, and didn't get any of the ones I'd originally registered for. Because of my high school. Yay.

I realize it was unwise of me not to check sooner, but I honestly didn't think I had a reason to do so...again, no invoices or notices of error.

I still consider it bad service.

Well, now that I'm through with that...bad service from a car dealership....

I recently bought a rather nice car from a used car dealership. Nothing wrong with the car (well, nothing too bad, just a broken window crank), and everything went well. Upon leaving the dealership, I was informed that, within fifteen days, the secretary of state would mail us (my brother also bought a car) our license plates. After fifteen days had gone by, and on the last day of our temporary license plates, my brother and I went to the secretary of state nearest my home.

As an explanation for why we didn't go sooner...we didn't want to go until within three or four days of the final day on our temps, and the last day was the only available option, as I work and my brother has school.

But anyway...we got to the sec of state, all car information in hand, and waited. And waited...and waited. Finally, when we got to a desk, we had the following conversation...

Me: "Hi! Well, my brother and I recently bought cars, and were informed that the secretary of state would mail us our plates within fifteen days. We're on the last day of our temporary licenses, and we still haven't received our plates. We were wondering if--"
Sec of State: (interrupting) "No, we don't do that."
Brother gives me a horrified look...
Me: "You...don't mail us the plates?"
Sec of State: "No. The dealership sends us the information, we mail the plates to them, and they call you and have you come pick up the plates."
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, we were told--"
Sec of State: "I can take your information and look you up in the system, if you want."
Me: "Oh, okay!"
Sec of State takes our information, and finds none of it in the system.
Sec of State: "Alright, it's not showing any of your information, meaning that the dealership didn't file the proper paperwork. I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can'll have to go to the dealership and say you're not leaving until you get your plates." (smile)

I didn't consider the interruptions on that employee's part to be bad service, but the dealership definitely screwed us over here. My dad went to the dealership the next morning, where he was informed that they had sent in the paperwork, but hadn't done so until three days before our temporary plates were to expire. Maybe I'm assuming too much, but don't most people know that it takes more than three days for something like that to process? The people at the dealership, in their apologies, even told my father that it takes the sec of state ten days to process this stuff. So...if they knew that after turning in the paperwork, they should've called us and let us know that our plates wouldn't be arriving on time. And, for that matter, they should've then informed us that we needed to get our tempts extended.

All in all, they extended our temps no questions asked...but it was still pretty lousy of them to procrastinate and then neglect to inform us of the delay.

And now a bit of a shorter dear friend Josh and I went out to dinner tonight, to Olive Garden. Usually we get good service there...not outstanding, but not bad. Tonight, however, we finished our food fairly quickly. We then waited for the check...for about twenty minutes.

We waited so long because I don't want to risk being an annoying customer, and (mostly) because we were waiting for our original waitress to walk by so we could catch her attention. In the twenty minutes we waited, we never saw her once. Not only did we not see her in our area, we didn't see her near the kitchen or, well, anywhere. So I finally told another server that we were sorry, we had forgotten our server's name, but could she please bring our check out? The young lady we spoke to said, sure. Within a few minutes a different server brought out our check, and a few short minutes later, another completely different server picked it up and brought back our change. I can only assume that our original waitress had gone home.

Eh...not too sucky, but then again...the party seated next to us, about six or seven people, had a major complaint. I'm not sure what it was, but they had the manager come out and speak to them. The manager then proceeded to make little comments on their food..."I bet I know what you like about [that dish]." This struck me as a little unnecessary...they're trying to enjoy their meal, I don't think they need a manager's opinion on their personal tastes.

But that's just me.

Okay, done. Had a nice rant.
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