Erin (tender_star) wrote in bad_service,

Burger King and I guess Walmart?

I went through the Burger King drive-thru this morning a little after 10am. I came straight home. The food was o.k. for the most part, they had asked me to pull ahead (with no car behind me) because a guy was pressure washing the cement by the DT. I figured the food would be super hot, but it wasn't.

The bad service (which admitedly was partially my fault) was not giving me back my debit card. And then somehow letting someone else get ahold of it.

I went to walmart later and was at the checkout when I couldn't find my card. I figured it fell out my purse at home and used a different form of payment (which was complicated-bah). When I got home I looked around a few minutes, checked my account (looked fine), called Burger King (they said they did not have it).

Wells Fargo (good service - WOW) called a few minutes later. Someone - in thre different transactions - charged almost $300 to the account. This is a headache and a half. My account is now negative, and I am suposed to register for school tommorow.

I guess I should say that I am 95% sure that BK didn't give me my card back. It could have technically fallen out of my purse in the Walmart parking lot - it is suspicious that the card was used at a walmart (not the one I was at - they also used it for a walmart gas station). I don't know.

If this is partially the fault of BK - what should I do? I do not know what Wells Fargo will do. IE - having BK look at cameras to see if they gave my card back or not?
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