Cody B. (codeman38) wrote in bad_service,
Cody B.

More fun with FedEx

I suppose I should share this here; it's short, sweet, and another FedEx-related mini-rant. And it's not even really a case of bad service that affected me personally, but it did affect someone else...

Anyway, I just moved back to my apartment at the University of Georgia. When I got to my room, I noticed that a FedEx package from JCPenney had been left by my door.

"Muhhh?", I said to myself, as I didn't remember ordering anything from JCPenney, and had no idea why anyone would have sent me a holiday gift here rather than back at my parents' house to which I had gone for the holidays. So I looked closer at the label, and noticed that it was addressed to the occupant of apartment E-209.

Problem is, I'm in the corresponding room in building F.

Granted, the 'F' on my apartment's door (as well as the larger one on my apartment building) could look sort of like an E, if you turn your head the right way, and I guess it's partly my fault for not being there to correct them— but still, you'd think FedEx would've double-checked to make absolutely, positively sure that letter on the door was an 'E', wouldn't you?

I hope the resident of E-209 doesn't mind having had to wait a week and a half for whatever she ordered... the shipping date was after Christmas, so I doubt it was a gift she'd intended to send out, at least!

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