Mary (horsphreak) wrote in bad_service,

Annoying grocery store service

For god knows how many weeks in a row (I've lived here since July), my local Stop & Shop has completely run out of regular, white store brand bread. They had a couple loaves of the wheat this week (which was on sale) but none of my happy bleached goodness. Last week I resorted to buying Wonderbread and I will not be buying that nasty stuff again- apologies to people who enjoy eating it.

I'm thinking of writing a letter to the GM of the store because this is a weekly recurring problem. I can't do my grocery shopping at other times during the week, and the store is packed on Sunday so it's not like there aren't people to buy the bread. Why is it so hard to order extra if you're going to continually sell out? My S&S at home is rather busy and has never had this problem. I tried asking the rare floor/stockroom employee I could find but their English tends to be limited and their response is "No bread." The customer service desk girl doesn't give a flip.

Anyone who works/ed in a grocery store have an idea why this happens or any suggestions? I'm going to sit down right now and draft a letter. I'm also getting rather sick of the surly deli employees but that's a whole other rant for another day and letter.
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