ACM (ladyceleste) wrote in bad_service,

Lurker finally bitches.

It's only crappy service 'cause I was having a major Green Goddess dressing withdrawal and it was my favorite salad place...

What's the point in being open until 8:30 if no one can purchase any food after 8 p.m.?

They usually close down the hot pasta after a certain hour, and I don't have a real problem with people closing down the less-popular items after a certain hour, but they had NOTHING at 8:15. No salads. In a salad place. at 8:15. The salad case was empty, which means they started clearing before I got there. I got served upstairs 5 minutes to closing at the coffeehouse (and the girl even said we could hang out in front of the fire a bit while they cleaned the equipment, since we didn't know they closed at 9 during off-semester).


Wish I had a dramatic story to share, this is just a pet peeve.

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