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So my monitor died on Thursday December 29 and I need a new one. (Temporarily I'm using a tiny 15-inch monitor rescued from the back room). I think to myself, I'm going to be using this thing for several hours each day; I should splurge, get the biggest and best I can afford. After reading reviews I decided on the Viewsonic VP231WB. Used Froogle to find the lowest price and TVsDepot had it.

I placed my order early on December 31, expecting it would ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. Every day I check the website and it still says just "Order Received." The product listing has no indication as to whether they actually have any in stock or not. So by Friday morning I start getting a little impatient and I send this email to their customer service address:

I ordered a Viewsonic VP231WB monitor on December 31, but almost a week later, the status is still "Order Received". Is it out of stock? Why hasn't it shipped yet? I'd really like to get it before the next holiday weekend (MLK Day).

I thought that was nice and polite, right? So Friday afternoon I get home and find an email from TVsDepot. I think, wow, I've galvanized them into action! Yay me! So I open it and find

Dear Neidhart,
Your order (xxxxxx) has been Cancelled.
Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

WTF??!? Not a word of explanation? I'm not allowed to even ask a fucking question? If it's out of stock just say so! You made me waste a week waiting on a goddamn chimera!

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