Lisa (bowiechaser) wrote in bad_service,

Again with the basic, bare bones service....and the lack of it.

Today, at Bruchi's (a sandwich shop), the frickin' chick there was SO RUDE. I don't ask for a lot with customer service, but I EXPECT the bare minimum. Bare minimum, for me, is a greeting, an asking of "how can I help you" and a "thanks" at the end of it. Not a single one came from this chicks mouth...she had the grimmest expression EVER, and looked like she was ready to take out someones eye. I am not demanding or rude to customer service people EVER (I AM one, and I know how it goes), but WTF gives with the surly attitude? Yes, yes, maybe her gram/dog/twin just died, maybe she just declared bankruptcy, maybe maybe maybe etc....but you know....there's bereavment if someone died, and there's putting on a show for the rest of the stuff.

I've smiled at/thanked people and done general customer service with a severe headache, with toothaches, with nausea brought on by vertigo, and when I've had to clench my jaw to keep from crying on the sales floor. BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE, and I don't understand why the bare bones stuff is SO hard for people.
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